Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The decision

My 4 year old son was having frequent episodes of cold and blocked nose. When I asked his doctor about this he joked "Cold will not leave him as long as you live in Bangalore and he has nose". Though it was a joke it made me and my wife take it seriously. We questioned ourselves "Why are we living in the city?". There was no convincing answer for the question.

My wife is a home maker - she does not go out for work. My son had decided school is waste of time and quit school when he entered UKG. Thanks to a professional disaster which later turned out to be a professional freedom - I was working from home most of the days. I went to office only once a week just to meet others in office. We were not visiting malls every weekend to kill time. Have not been to a multiplex in several years. We were not (and are not) addicted to pizza or any other junk food available only in cities. There was no reason to be in a city. So the question was - are we living in the city just to breathe toxic air, drink toxic water and eat toxic vegetables and fruits supplied to the city? Only logical thing to do after this realization was leaving the city. I spoke to my friends and partners at work place. I am very thankful to them since they fully supported and encouraged me to move out of the city. We were out of the city within 15 days of making the decision.

We wanted to buy a small piece of farm land in Sirsi. A close relative had a house available for rent in Sirsi. We rented that house and moved to Sirsi in mid September 2013. Move was smooth. Started enjoying the clean air, water and food without chemicals. When it came to buying farm land in Sirsi it turned out to be impossible thing because of crazy value demanded by the land owners in Sirsi area. Therefore I had to leave Sirsi and move to Sagara to make it happen.

Update on 12-Mar-2016: Happy news - a close friend's family has made the decision of moving to Sagara from Bangalore. He has rented a house near beautiful village Heggodu of NINASAM fame. As per plan they should be in Sagara by 19-Mar-2016.

Update on 25-Mar-2016: My friend's family has moved to Heggodu on 21-Mar-2016. We welcome them to Sagara, to healthy and happy life. We wish all the best for them and hope they will enjoy the place as much as we do.

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  1. Rightly said. That's why people in village have less doctors and less patients. All natural - natural food and all the ailments healed by nature itself.
    Wish you good luck and keep up the interest.