Tuesday, March 8, 2016


This blog is about my move from IT world to farming and my family's move from city to a village. In this blog I have documented our reasons for leaving the city and starting farming. Everybody has his/her reasons for doing what they are doing. Therefore take it only as documentation of my thoughts and our experiences; not as suggestion that anybody should do it. I hope this blog gives you one perspective of high-tech (farming) vs. low-tech (information technology). Oh, yes that is what I believe - our farmers deal with lot more complexity and uncertainty than what we deal with in IT field. I am saying "we" because I am still a software architect too. Therefore I have first hand experience of both fields to comment about them. I would love to hear your views about what I write here - please do comment if you like.

Happy reading.

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  1. It was feel good to read your blog at the same time feel lucky to have mentor like you. You always spread knowledge and educate people. Thanks.